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[Alexander 1977]
Alexander C. (1977).  " A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction".  Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195019199


[Alexander 1979]
Alexander C. (1979), " The Timeless Way of Building".  Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195024028


[Appelt 1999]
Appelt, W. (1999).  "WWW Based Collaboration with the BSCW System", in Proceedings of SOFSEM'99, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1725, p.66-78; November 26 - December 4, Milovy (Czech Republic)


Basic Support for Co-operative Work (BSCW) enables collaboration over the Web.  BSCW is a 'shared workspace' system which supports document uploads, event notification, group management and much more.   To access a workspace you only need a standard Web browser.


[Bentley Horstmann Trevor 1997]
Bentley, R., Horstmann, T., Trevor, J. (1997).  "The World Wide Web as enabling technology for CSCW: The case of BSCW", in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Special issue on CSCW and the Web, Vol. 6, Kluwer Academic Press.


[Berners-Lee 1989]
Berners-Lee, T. (March 1989), "Information Management: A Proposal"
See [Berners-Lee WtW] and - W3 Status: "Provided for historical interest only"


[Berners-Lee 1990]
Berners-Lee, T. (1990).  "Intended uses for hypertext at CERN" - W3 Status: W3 Archive

Examples of the original intended uses for the Web:

General Reference/Encyclopedia
- Encyclopedia Britannica
- Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Centralised publishing (online help/documentation/tutorials/etc)
- FAQs

News sites

Personal notebooks/homepages
- Geocities
- Tripod
- Angelfire

Collaborative authoring


[Berners-Lee 1991]
Berners-Lee, T. (1991-1992). "W3 Concepts"
See - W3 Status: "This talk is an old one from 1991 and 1992, out of date, though interesting for historical reasons"


[Berners-Lee WtW]
Berners-Lee, T. (1999).  " Weaving the Web", HarperSanFrancisco. ISBN: 0-06-251586-1 / 006251587X (Latest Edition)


[Booch 1986]
Booch, G. (February 1986).  "Object-Oriented Development", IEEE Trans. Software Engineering, pages 211-221


[Bush 1945]
Bush, V; science adviser to President Roosevelt.  (July 1945).  "As we may think", ( The Atlantic Monthly; July 1945; Volume 176, No 1; pages 101-108)


[Cailliau 1995]
Cailliau, R. (November 1995).  "A Short History of the Web", Text of a speech delivered at the launching of the European branch of the W3 Consortium in Paris.


[Comerford 1999]
Comerford, R. (May 1999), "The path to Open-Source systems", IEEE Spectrum, pages 25-31


Concurrent Versions System


WikiWiki. (Cunningham creator/maintainer),
Quote from their front page: "(It is) ... a fun way of communicating asynchronously across the network", or as a set of web pages that are open and free for anyone to edit as they wish.  Wiki is not real-time; therefore people have time to think before they follow up a web page, often days or weeks, so they have time to consider what they write.


[Dominus 1998]
Dominus, M. (January 1998).  "Perl: Not just for Web programming", IEEE Software, pages 69-74


[Fogel 2000]
Fogel K. (2000).  Open Source Development with CVS. Coriolis Inc. ISBN: 1576104907 / 1932111816 (Latest Edition)


[Fowler 1999]
Fowler, M. (1999).  Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code. Addison-Wesley Pub Co. ISBN: 0201485672


[Hecker 1999]
Hecker, F. (January 1999).  "Setting up shop: The business of Open-Source software", IEEE Software, pages 45-51


Gosling, J & McGilton, H (May 1996).  The Java Language Environment: A White Paper,


[Merriam Webster]
(1999).  Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.  Tenth Edition.  Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. ISBN: 0877798095


[Nelson 1981]
Nelson, T. (1981).  Literary Machines.  ISBN: 089347052X


[Netcraft 2000]
Netcraft web server survey in September 2000 (current 30 th November 2000).  There were 21,166,912 web hosts when Netcraft conducted this survey in September 2000


[NetValue 2000]
NetValue has set up a market research system in Europe and in the United-States


[Pressman 1992]
Pressman, R (1992).  Software Engineering, a practitioner's approach. (Third edition). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0-07-112779-8 / 0072496681 (Latest Edition)


Project Revision Control System


[RFC.... / STD ....]
Request for comment and Internet Standards
RFCs and STDs are officially available from either the IETF or, which also lists other repositories.

HTTP [RFC 2616]

WebDAV [RFC2518]

HTML [RFC2854]

Telnet [RFC854-855 / STD8]

FTP [RFC959 / STD9]

IRC [RFC2810-3]

Email - SMTP [RFC821 / STD10]
          - POP3 [RFC1939 / STD53]

Usenet (NNTP) [RFC977/RFC1036]

Gopher [RFC1436]

WAIS [RFC1625]


Revision Control System


Comp Risks. (Neumann, P moderator)., news:comp.risks


[Santayana 1905]
Santayana, G (1863-1952).  US philosopher, author, educator, poet.  "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."  Life of Reason, "Reason in Common Sense" ch. 12 (1905-6). See "The Life of Reason (Great Books in Philosophy)" ISBN: 1573922102


"Servlets are server side Java programs that extend a web server in a similar fashion to CGI scripts",




[Whittaker 2000]
Whittaker, J. (January 2000).  "What is software testing? And why is it so hard?", IEEE Software, pages 70-79


[W3 1995]
World Wide Web Consortium.  "A Little History of the World Wide Web". - W3 Status: For Archival/Historical Interest


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